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Jewelry is more than a fashion choice or statement. Having been around for centuries for both men and women, it tends to commemorate the most cherished moments of one’s life. You want to tie a bond with your loved one, give them a ring. A diamond ring is the most typical form of jewelry when it comes to these occasions but is not the only one. Other ornaments can serve the same purpose and they can be a great option if you are looking for something different. For instance, a tennis bracelet can also preserve a special moment and have a narrative built in.


Giving a bracelet to show your love and commitment or to serve as a reminder is becoming quite popular. And it’s not something new. You must have heard about the friendship bands, the colorful plastic bracelets exchanged with your friends in college. Promise bracelets are the same; they just represent a promise you want to make. It is not just pretty but it is also significant because it reminds you of some commitment.

So, what is a promise bracelet exactly?

People exchange promise bracelets to showcase their commitment to each other. While sharing the bracelets is common between high school friends, it is becoming as popular in school/college sweethearts. The commitment might be strong, but this bracelet does not necessarily denote a relationship. It can be given to someone in the family, a best friend, or a significant other. If you are looking to exchange a promise bracelet with your loved one, it has to be something more special than the friendship band. And what can be more special than a diamond ring or tennis bracelet? People give it when they start dating someone. They can also serve as a great Valentine’s Day gift. Many people like this ornament because of its elegant outlook.


A promise ring is different from the promise bracelets. The major difference is that a promise ring is given only to a significant other and is more romantic. It is a symbol of a special bond and signifies the commitment between a couple. Many people deem a bracelet to be a precedent to the ring. If you are not sure of the other person’s intention and you think it’s not the right time to present a ring, you can consider giving a promise bracelet.


Some people give the promise ring just to show that they are committed. The ring in this context does not imply engagement in the future. It can be just a reminder of having a devotion to one another. A promise ring is usually exchanged between couples who are not ready for an engagement or a wedding. They show their commitment and exclusivity via this ring. It is worn on either hand on any finger. There is no standard or correct finger for wearing a promise ring. Mostly, people wear the promise rings on their left ring fingers. Some wear on the right hand to avoid confusion. A promise ring is smaller and less extravagant than a solitaire engagement ring. It can be made of precious metals like silver and gold and they can also contain diamonds and other expensive gemstones. More often than not, the gemstones or diamonds in a promise ring are smaller and less obvious than engagement rings to render a subtle appearance. Some of these rings do not have any special design features. They have a simple outlook, just like a wedding band. As for the promise bracelet, it can just be a reminder of friendship or a relationship. They are much simpler and casual than a promise ring. The latter is appropriate for a romantic relationship while the bracelet can be given to anyone who is important in one’s life.


Both bracelet and ring symbolize commitment, only in different contexts. In the case of a romantic relationship, having both ornaments can be an overkill. Moreover, a promise ring shows a higher level of commitment than a bracelet. For instance, a couple that is too young or has too many responsibilities to get engaged would exchange promise rings. Many people think the promise bracelet is a precedent to a ring. But having something that precedes another precedent can be a little too much. So, go for either a bracelet or a ring. Also, promise bracelets can be a casual gift. They might not be as significant as a promise ring. Be it a bracelet or a ring, you need to be direct with your significant other. Be vocal about your intentions and the direction you want this relationship to go on. As for the bracelet, you can give it whenever you want to. It can be a significant gesture or a casual gift to thank the other person for being in your life.

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